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Meanwhile Corona is somehow everyday life. And what is everyday life today was unthinkable for all of us a few weeks ago. A semester without going to campus. Months of work in the home office. Organizing home schooling and child care. Preparing lectures and teaching digitally. And no one can predict how long this situation will continue. At the same time, this also means that we have grown up with this situation.

The employees of the IT service center were in continuous action in the preparation of the semester:

  • Buying licenses
  • Purchase of storage capacity and equipment
  • Create training videos and instructions
  • Advice and assistance

Investments in hardware and licenses

The ITS invested around €100,000 in multimedia technology in the short term. This was used to extend the licences of the Panopto server and to order highly demanded articles for media lending. "Getting the equipment alone was a special challenge," reports Dirk Schädlich, media engineer at ITS, in an interview. "The whole world had to switch to digital teaching, and so hardware quickly became incredibly expensive or could not be obtained at all. And the demand continues to rise."

New articles in the media lending department
20 Webcams8 Interactive Pen Displays
14 Mini video conference equipment50 Mikrophones
10 Camcorder10 Network cameras
10 Tripods45 Headsets
5 Document cameras10 Capture cards
5 Conference hands-free kits

Tutorials for Panopto

The access numbers on the Panopto server have virtually exploded. While a total of 4000 videos have been created in the last few years, 8500 were created in the last 8 weeks. Only because new licenses were purchased in time and the servers for the Panopto are located directly in the server farm at the ITS in Bayreuth could the rush be withstood.

To support the teachers 8 tutorial videos were created. So far, these have been viewed by 1735 teachers. The University of Bamberg was so enthusiastic about our tutorial videos that they have adopted them for their teachers. If you also need support for your work with Panopto, simply visit our homepage: Offers for digital teaching.

Since week 15, 1500 tickets have already been processed. "At the beginning, I tried to answer everyone within a minute because I personally wanted it to work," Dominik Schramm, an ITS employee, told us. Apart from questions about technical or audiovisual implementation, there were also many conceptual questions.

Semester with the most eLearning courses

In eLearning we are also recording unprecedented access figures. The number of available courses has risen to 1850 within a short time. This makes the summer semester 2020 the semester with by far the most courses overall. Every day, half of all registered users log in at least once. And yet the servers still withstand the huge rush.

Facts and figures Date 15.06.2020
E-learning courses1.869 (SoSe19: 1315)
Server logins per day > 30.000
Participant and lecturer activities per day > 100.000
Panopto videos9.471 (since 16.03.2020)
Coupled e-learning courses SoSe20615
Meetings minutes15.233.366
Meetings participants239.657

Sometimes the frustration that certain things didn't seem to work out so easily hit us in the face, unfiltered. This required not only professional competence and years of experience, but also empathy. We would often have wished for a more respectful tone, even though the stress level was particularly high in this exceptional situation.

And although the preparation time for the digital semester was short, we are very satisfied with the start. It was a great challenge for lecturers, students and also for all employees. We were therefore particularly pleased about the praise of our President Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible in his summary of the first day of lectures: "The acid test has been passed!"



From the end of June 2020, the IT Service Centre (ITS) will provide you with Microsoft (MS) 365, another tool for communication and digital teaching. MS 365 offers the complete Office package. It contains Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint; OneNote and OneDrive in a cloud version. In addition, with MS Teams it offers a platform for data exchange, chats, video telephony and notes. MS Teams will replace Skype for Business from 2021. Therefore MS Teams is equally interesting for teachers, students and employees of the University of Bayreuth.

What can Teams do better than Skype for Business?

Teams links all known Office programs with each other. For example, you can organize conferences via Outlook. Exchange Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents via Teams. Work with several people on one document. It is possible to create different teams (groups). Authorizations and participants are managed individually. Even people outside the University of Bayreuth can participate in a project via Teams and get access to data. With the Messenger it is possible to communicate in a group or privately. In video conferences, up to 250 people are allowed at the same time. It doesn't matter which end device you want to work with at the moment. Teams are available as an app in the respective appstore or as a desktop app for your PC or laptop.

First agree to the Microsoft Privacy Policy

MS 365 will soon be available to teachers, students and employees free of charge. The most important requirement is that you must agree to the Microsoft Office privacy policy. You can do this in the ITS portal:

If you already use Skype for Business, you have already agreed to the Privacy Policy. Otherwise, it will take up to 24 hours before your agreement is processed by Microsoft and you can use MS Teams. To install MS 365, log in with your credentials at

And click (top right) the button "Install Office". Now the download of your Office package starts.

Further, constantly updated information about MS Teams can be found on the pages of Microsoft:

Be careful with your data

Under the US Cloud Act, the US government may require Microsoft to provide access to data stored on its servers. Therefore, we would like to point out that personal data and research results are best stored on the servers of the University of Bayreuth - Microfocus Filr (MyFiles) or internal storage (network drive).


As already announced in the newsletter of April 2019, the IT Service Centre (ITS) will finally discontinue the E-Mail Classic e-mail service as of 30.09.2020. You can find out here whether you are affected and what you have to do now.

Why is E-Mail Classic discontinued?

Information technology continues to develop. Video conferencing services (MS-Teams, Skype for Business), groupware functionalities, smartphone integration and higher information security with a powerful spam and virus filter are based on the university's Exchange cluster. In order to meet the latest requirements, the e-mail traffic will finally be converted to Exchange.

Am I affected?

Very few people are likely to still use E-Mail Classic. ITS has been driving the changeover to Exchange for several years now. However, if you have received your e-mail address before 2017, you may be affected. To check this, log on to the ITS portal. There you can see whether E-Mail Classic is stored. Or you can check the server settings of your e-mail client. If mail.uni-bayreuth.de is entered here, you must take action.

What do I have to do?

If you still use E-Mail Classic, please fill out the form on the following page:

and send it with your requested date to the ITS helpdesk. The IT Service Center offers webinars every Wednesday from 1 pm to 2 pm in July, during which we will inform you about the procedure of the changeover and answer your questions.

For a transitional period of 3 months, you can still access the e-mails in your current mailbox. However, sending and receiving is no longer possible. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you switch to Exchange as soon as possible. This has the advantage for you that you do not have to work on 2 different mailboxes. It also gives you the opportunity to choose a suitable date for the changeover with the contact point. They will clarify individual questions with you during the migration of the existing e-mail to the new Exchange mailbox and mail client, for example, if you want to continue using Thunderbird with IMAP.

Webinars via Zoom




www.its.uni-bayreuth.de > Helpdesk & Support


via telephone: 0921 55 3003,
via mail: its-beratung@uni-bayreuth.de

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday 08.30–11.00h and 13.30–15.30h
​Friday 08.30–11.00h


Exchange, MyFiles and Panopto maintenance

On 18.06.2020 between 8 and 12 o'clock the load balancer of the exchange cluster will be exchanged. Short-term interruptions in the availability of the Exchange, MyFiles and Panopto services are possible.

Change of the Office 365 license via Studisoft 

All accounts created via Studisoft - identifiable by @lizenzunibt.onmicrosoft.com - are invalid from 04.08.2020. Students who are currently using an Office 365 via the Studisoft account must convert it to the new @myubt.de account. Our team from the Laptop service offers support here.


CMS basic training

Due to contact restrictions, we currently only offer the CMS basic training via video conference. You will need an Internet-capable computer with microphone (video not absolutely necessary) and can also participate from your home office. It is not necessary to download a specific program. You will receive an invitation link from us by e-mail with your registration confirmation.

Online training:

  • 17.06.2020 from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.
  • 23.06.2020 from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.
  • 01.07.2020 from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.
  • 13.07.2020 from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

Please register for the online training in the e-Learning course.

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Authors:  Heiko Schoberth, Claudia Willer

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Dr. Heiko Schoberth.