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Services and accesses

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External hosted services

User identification

A personal user identification is assigned to each employee or student in the course of the recruitment process or the initial placement in a course of study. The user identification can be found on the back of your CampusCard. This allows you to authenticate yourself to all online services of the university (as example E-Mail, VPN, Intranet, e-Learning, MyFiles, …).

For the protection of you and your personal data please change the assigned password immediately after receipt in the self-service portal. Please also consider our flyer "Simply safer in 7 steps".

Library identificationEinklappen

In addition you'll find the library ID on the CampusCard (as numbers and barcode). With that you get access to the

Group identificationEinklappen

Administrators (directors or authorized representatives of an organizational unit, such as a professorship) can apply for non-personal identifiers via "edit group identifier" via the Self-service portal.These identifiers are typically associated with a functional email address (e.g. secretariat-xyz@uni-bayreuth.de) and can’t be used for personalized services. The current prices for the provision of additional group IDs can be found after authentication on our Intranet.

Student identification (s-ID)Einklappen

Until March 2016 students were assigned a s-ID (e.g., s1mamust) with the first enrollment.But there is no difference to the now assigned personal user IDs (btxxxxxx). Of course all student services can also be used with an s-ID!

Forgot passwordEinklappen

Employees should contact the ITS-Contact point personally (Phone 0921 55 3003 or its-beratung@uni-bayreuth.de). Then we can generate a new "first password" for you. Please change it immediately via the Self-service portal!

Students can reset their password via CAMPUSonline. If you need help please contact cmhelp@uni-bayreuth.de or Phone 0921 55 7664 directly to the CAMPUSonline-Team!

ITS-Self-service portal

What is it?Einklappen

The self-service portal has been designed as a self-service station, giving you more freedom to make adjustments as and when it suits you, as the 24/7 self-service portal is "open" to you.

How do I get access?Einklappen

You'll reach our self-service portal under

What can I see there?Einklappen

In the portal the functionality isn’t separated according to students or employees but it depends on what you have for a role.

In principle there are 2 options for all university members:


Basic functionality:

  • Change password,
  • put another E-mail alias for yourself,  
  • browse/ download current university-wide phone book,
  • Network paths of exchange, chair folder, ProSekO, ...


Extended functionality:   

  • Basic functionality,  
  • Assignment of permissions
  • Assignment of IDs
  • ...

High performance calculation (HPC)

For CPU-intensive research projects the IT service center provides computing power on the Linux clusters btrzx5, btrzx3 and btrzx2 for all users. The high-performance computers of the Leibniz Data Center of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences can be accessed for research projects that require considerably more computing power.

The documentation of the clusters can be found under

If you need help selecting the appropriate computer cluster as well as questions concerning the use and the existing compilers or the software please contact Dr. Bernhard Winkler.

Please send any errors, problems or suggestions via E-Mail to hpc@uni-bayreuth.de.

Linux-Cluster BTRZX5

You can log in to one of the two front-end computers using the ssh-protocol with your personal user ID. The valid limits for the available resources will be announced at the login in the daily report.

  • btrzx5-1.rz.uni-bayreuth.de
  • btrzx5-2.rz.uni-bayreuth.de

Quick start guide (presentation foils during the inauguration event)


  • Operating system: Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10
  • Compiler: Intel, GNU Compiler
  • Parallelization: MPI, OpenMP of the Compiler
  • Job control: PBS-Torque Resource-Manager, MAUI Scheduler
  • Application programs: R, lammps, Matlab, OpenFOAM
Linux-Cluster BTRZX3

You can login to one of the two front-end computers using the ssh-protocol with your personal user ID. This cluster is mainly intended for highly parallelizable computational tasks. Calculations which requires a high single-core performance should be processed on cluster btrzx5.

  • btrzx3-1.rz.uni-bayreuth.de
  • btrzx3-2.rz.uni-bayreuth.de


  • Betriebssystem: CentOS release 6.4
  • Compiler: Intel, GNU Compiler
  • Parallelization: MPI, OpenMP of the Compiler
  • Job control: PBS-Torque Resource-Manager, MAUI Scheduler
  • Application programs: R, lammps
Linux-Cluster BTRZX2Einklappen

You can log in to one of the two front-end computers using the ssh-protocol with your personal user ID. This cluster has four different node types with 2 CPUs, 4 CPUs, Intel PHI and GPU.

  • btrzx2-1.rz.uni-bayreuth.de
  • btrzx2-2.rz.uni-bayreuth.de

This cluster uses the Hyper Threading technology please note the relevant information at www.hpc.uni-bayreuth.de before use.

Cluster of the Leibniz-data centerEinklappen

The Leibniz-Computing center (LRZ) of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Munich operates both the SuperMUC and various cluster systems. The access to the SuperMUC is restricted to projects with particularly high computing resources requirements and is regulated by a steering committee. The assignment of user IDs for the cluster systems at the LRZ on the other hand in the context of the state concept is uncomplicated and usually immediately the LRZ master user of the connected data centers.

If you need an ID or have further questions about the use of the clusters at the LRZ please contact Dr. Bernhard Winkler.

Information about the systems at the LRZ can be found on the websites there:


We offer an alternative to Dropbox with MyFiles based on MicroFocus Filr. Your data is securely stored on our file servers – including backup – and won’t save on unsafe servers in other countries. Web access: https://myfiles.uni-bayreuth.de.

What can MyFiles do?Einklappen
  • Convenient integration of all frequently used drives (e.g. home, group)
  • Mobile file access and practical data exchange
  • Share files with other users or accept invitations to shared files
  • Comment and work together on the same file
  • Integrate users who aren't university members for free
  • Notification option about all changes and newly added files.
  • Remark:
    The maximum file size for uploading via the web browser is 8 GB and for desktop synchronization 200 MB.
Where is MyFiles or Microfocus Filr available?Einklappen
Sharing files and foldersEinklappen
  • You want to read, edit or share individual files in your home directory (or one of your other directories)? Go ahead this feature is already unlocked for you.
  • You want to share directories in MyFiles where other users can upload their files? This requires a one-time configuration of your home directory by the ITS. Please contact the ITS contact point or fill out the form.
    Please read also our notes concerning usage of unix based services.
  • You would like to use your group directories/ network folders in MyFiles? This also requires a one-time activation of these folders by the ITS. Please contact the ITS contact point or fill out the form.

Quick start guides: MyFiles-Desktopclient, MyFiles-Web application

Notes when using unix based servicesEinklappen

Please note that there are issues with other services which want to access the home directories with Unix file permissions. And also the release of files or the personal website under "public_html" (http://www.staff.uni-bayreuth.de/~btxxxxxx) won’t work.

Please contact the ITS contact point in advance (Tel. 0921 55 3003 or its-beratung@uni-bayreuth.de).


The University of Bayreuth provides for lecturers the plagiat search tool turnitin.

For further Informations and to register as instructor send an official email to turnitin@uni-bayreuth.de.

Please note also the e-Learning course (in german):

Support is provided by turnitin@uni-bayreuth.de via our ticket system.

Streaming mit Panopto

Our multimediaserver not only offers the possibility to stream live events live on the web but also to provide individual recordings of events or smaller videos. In conjunction with the e-learning system the multimediaserver forms the basis for the “digitalization of teaching”.

What is Panopto?Einklappen

Panopto [cf. πᾶν (pān) = all / ὀπτικό (optikó) = belonging to sight] is a comfortable lecture recording and video management system that allows lecturers to provide lectures and other learning contents and students can easily watch them as streamed videos. This will deepen learning experiences, facilitate repetition and improve results.

How do I get access?Einklappen

You can reach the multimedia server at:

You must log in to the multimedia server by selecting the menu item 'elearning' from the 'Login via' list. You will be redirected to the e-learning portal for authentication.

If you want to use the Panopto Recorder for recordings you can download it from the multimedia server after registering. For this contact Dominik Schramm.

What can we do as university members?Einklappen
  • Live-broadcasts: on computers and mobile devices
  • Editing: Simple and „non-destructive“ editing of content, rudimentary video editing
  • Recording: All content and everywhere, regardless of the equipment (laptop with webcam is sufficient)
  • Distribution: to selected audiences
  • Administration: in a protected, internal video library
  • Display: on almost all devices (MS Windows, Mac OS and iOS, Android)
  • Analysis: Integrated user statistics
  • Integration: Seamless interaction with e-Learning (moodle).

Good to know: A targeted search for keywords in videos (automatic tagging of all spoken and written words) is currently available in English and also in German within the year!

Support for the lecture recordingEinklappen

We support you in recording lectures and creating small video clips with the free tool Panopto Recorder. Then the finished videos can be provided on the multimedia server and also integrated into e-learning courses.

For further information please contact Dominik Schramm.

Evaluation of the video recording at the University of Bayreuth

Video recordings in teaching

Printing and Plotting

Depending on whether you scan a few pages quickly, print and bind your master paper or plot the poster for the next meeting. We have the individual solution ready for everyone.

Printing stations with scannerEinklappen

Outputs on the printing stations are possible from almost all computers which are in the university network. That means from the PC pools as well as from your office computers and private laptops (Windows / Linux / OSX). To install the driver you are welcome to follow our instructions or use the service of the laptop consultation hour! In our overview you'll find something about the functions of the respective print and scan stations.

Access to your print and scan jobs via

Important: If you are printing from your office computer/ private laptop please don’t forget to install the appropriate driver on the device.

House printingEinklappen

Do you want to print flyers, posters (up to DIN A1), books or postcards not only in the corporate design of the University of Bayreuth? Even lecture scripts, term papers, final- and doctoral theses aren’t a problem and are produced in many formats as desired. You can conveniently submit the print job online at

The billing takes place via the cost center or for private orders via the CampusCard. If you have any questions please contact us via E-Mail druckerei@uni-bayreuth.de or contact Christian Gohlke (Phone: 0921 55 5282). Of course you can also come by in person at the printing house. You'll find us on the ground floor of the ZUV next to the central post office.

Plotting orders (up to DIN A0)Einklappen

To print with our plotters you'll need the IPrint-Client of Novell. Under "Web access: install iprint printer" you can download the installation tools for our plotters (djfoto, djnorm). Please note you must temporarily deactivate the "Force Driver Signature" under Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 for driver installation under System Settings. The choice of the desired size (DIN A4 to DIN A0) is only possible before sending the print job and important! If you need help please contact the ITS contact point.

Printing options and prices

  • General for order by E-Mail on data carriers or on-site print orders € 5,00
  • Poster on normal paper (printer name djnorm)
    A0 € 5,60, A1 € 3,30, A2 € 2,05, A3 € 0,85, A4 € 0,70
  • Poster on photo paper (printer name djfoto)
    A0 € 13,00, A1 € 6,60, A2 € 5,40, A3 € 3,85, A4 € 2,80

Print output

The printouts and posters are laid out in the print/ plot output room in the IT service center. A delivery by the in-house mail can’t be made. In this room is also a large cutting machine so posters can be tailored.


  • In exceptional cases a delivery of print files for the two design jets by e-mail, CD, USB stick, or similar is possible. However this should be the exception. For extra staff the costs per print job submitted to the IT service center an expense allowance of € 5.00 is calculated! Please contact us by E-mail Posterprinter@uni-bayreuth.de.
  • Please note that several users share these output devices and the printing of a DIN A0 poster takes about 30 minutes (pure printing time, without editing). Therefore under certain circumstances - especially before meetings - waiting periods of up to one day are possible. So you should plan your posters in time. It is expressly stated that it is the responsibility of the user (and not of the IT service center) if a poster can’t be printed on time.
  • In addition it may happen that - due the flexitime in the ITS - from 15:00 (Mo.-Th.) or about 12:00 (Fr.) no more operation takes place.

DFN Webkonferenz (Adobe Connect)

Employees of the University of Bayreuth are allowed to use the web conference tool of DFN for free. Adobe Connect is a browser- and flash-based tool. Authentification is performed by DFN-AAI-service (Shibboleth).

Adobe ConnectEinklappen
  • Audio/Video Multipoint conferences
  • Shared Whiteboard
  • Archiv for Powerpoint-Präsentations
  • Application- and Desktop-Sharing
  • Chat
  • Polling
Technical requirementsEinklappen
  • Web browser with latest flash-plugin
  • active contributers need
  • Web site of the service: https://webconf.vc.dfn.de/en
  • Login "Anmelden über den DFN-AAI"
  • Search for "Universität Bayreuth" and press "OK"
  • log in with your personal username (btXXXXXX)

Weitergehende Informationen und Anleitungen zur Nutzung des Dienstes (Teilnahme an Konferenzen, Anlegen von Konferenzen) finden Sie auf den Seiten des DFN und des VCC unter

Contact person: Andreas Brütting.


Alternative Service DFNVideoConference offers to communicate from PC, a workstation, a video conference system or a telephone with one ore more other participants.

undefinedAndreas Brüttingundefined

DFN GigaMove

GigaMove offers the possibility of exchanging large files up to 2 GB (max. 10 GB for 14 days), which could not be handled via email.

DFN Terminplaner

With the DFN-Terminplaner, DFN-Verein provides a data protection-friendly and data-saving alternative to Doodle. Registration is no longer necessary for the current version.

More services

Many of our services are offered free of charge as part of primary care. We also offer the possibility to use our systems. For example: If you need more personal memory space or want to have your own server included in our backup then you can simply enter this service. The prices can be found in our intranet.


With the personal user ID every user will have 8 gb data space on our Netapp. Please contact the ITS-Contact point (Phone 0921 55 3003 or its-beratung@uni-bayreuth.de). You have the possibility to access your personal directories, the group or project directories via MyFiles or to integrate these directories directly as network drives. The corresponding paths for the various operating systems can be found in the ITS-Self-service portal.

  • Netzwork path e.g. personal area (Home-directory)
  • Authentication (Active Directory of the University of Bayreuth):
    Domäne\Kennung: uni-bayreuth\Benutzerkennung

The prices for this service can be found after authentication on our Intranet.

Data backupEinklappen

Servers outside of the ITS can be added to our backup system if required. You need a Tivoli Storage Manager license and storage space. The prices for this service can be found after authentication on our intranet.

For further information please contact Thomas Rüger.


We offer you the possibility to integrate your servers into the server lockers of our system rooms (Attended Serverhousing). If you want sole, unaccompanied access to the hardware you can also rent a lockable Compartment (Unattended Serverhousing) over here.

Attended Serverhousing
We offer a monitored operation of the hardware of your server in our server rooms. The price depends on the required height units in the server locker. You can also get a connection to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Unattendend Serverhousing
Alternatively you can rent a lockable compartment of 10 height units in our server lockers and have sole control over your hardware. You will be granted access to the corresponding server room in the NW III and will be able to access your compartment around the clock.

For further information please contact Thomas Rüger.

Virtual serverEinklappen

If required virtual servers can be provided on the systems of the IT service center. The basic configuration includes 1GB of RAM and 32GB of memory. If you have higher requirements on the technical equipment of the server please contact us for an individual offer.

We are happy to help: The ITS-Helpdesk

The solution to your problem was not there yet? Then we will be happy to help you personally. To do this, please contact our ITS-Helpdesk.

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Dr. Heiko Schoberth.