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Help and Support

For all your concerns, you should first contact the IT Service Center via the ITS-Helpdesk. Whether you have a question, want to express a wish, or need help with a problem - then you've come to the right place!

The ITS-Helpdesk

Please contact us first. We take up your case, try to find a solution quickly or forward your request to the responsible colleague. In any case, we consult with you when making decisions in order to ensure a joint approach.

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The ITS-Helpdesk can be reached during the pandemic 

  • We will call you back if we have specific questions. We therefore ask that you use our telephone hotline on 0921 55 3003 only in very urgent cases and instead send us your request first by e-mail.
Remote maintenance (Teamviewer)Einklappen
We also support you with problems and troubleshooting via remote maintenance. This enables us – with your consent – to view and control the user interface of your computer remotely as long as both sides have the remote maintenance program open. Please install the current program:

Important: This procedure is also supported in parallel by telephone, so that you have the possibility to ask questions at any time, even if you and your computer are not physically at our site!

The Laptop Service

You don't get along with our instructions or you have problems/questions? The Laptop Service team will be happy to help you!

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The Laptop Service team will be happy to assist you with:

  • eduroam
  • VPN
  • (W)LAN Printing
  • Office Installation
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Our opening hoursEinklappen

–– all year ––

  • Monday to Thursday
    08.30–11.00h and 13.30–15.30h
  • Friday

Except on holidays and Christmas closing!

Only for students

The PC Garage

Studying without a computer? I can't imagine! If the digital companion suddenly refuses the service, good advice can be expensive... For this reason the IT Service Center offers the free service of the PC garage for the students of the University of Bayreuth.

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We help you with...

  • Stability problems of the computer
  • Overheat/noise problems
  • Analysis and advice on performance problems
  • Consulting on sources of hardware supply
  • Installation of spare parts
  • Technical support for hardware upgrades of laptops and desktops
  • Problems with external storage media (e.g. USB sticks, ext. hard disks, memory cards, ...)
  • Data backup of functional devices
  • Data recovery from no longer functional devices and storage media
  • Problems with Malware (viruses, Trojans etc.)
  • Problems with software crashes

We are sorry that we cannot edit the following list in the PC garage...

  • Devices which cannot be repaired at reasonable cost due to their age and/or condition
  • Devices with pirated operating system
  • Problems with/under deprecated, outdated or no longer supported operating systems, beta versions, server operating systems
  • Problems when using office programs
  • Problems with special application programs
  • Smartphones, mobile phones and tablets, or Devices with iOS, Android, WebOS, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Bada, Symbian
  • Multimedia devices in general (e.g. iPod, digicam, PSP, ...)
  • Peripherals with hardware defects (e.g. monitors, printers, scanners, ...)
  • Damage due to external influences (e.g. liquid / fall and overvoltage damage, ...)
  • Problems with external Internet access (e.g. DSL, UMTS, ...)
  • Problems with the Internet in dormitories
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"The small print"Einklappen

This offer is not intended to compete with commercial providers. Therefore, only devices which are exclusively or for the most part used by a student of the University of Bayreuth can be processed. The employees of the IT Service Center decide individually for each problem whether processing is possible or sensible. The service catalog is only intended as a rough overview. The employees only offer personal advice on site and acceptance of cases during the opening hours of the PC garage - telephone support is not possible. The IT Service Center cannot guarantee success and cannot be held liable for any loss of data or damage. Necessary spare parts are only recommended, the students themselves are responsible for procurement. Employees cannot create appraisals either.

Our opening hoursEinklappen

–– all year ––

  • Monday to Thursday
    08.30–11.00h and 13.30–15.30h
  • Friday

Except on holidays and Christmas closing!

Event support

Your IT Service Center will be happy to support you at conferences and events.

We'll take care of them:

  • provision of internet access,
  • use of the university multimedia infrastructure,
  • loan of multimedia equipment and instruction in its use.

Please contact us as early as possible at tagungen@uni-bayreuth.de. Our form additionally supports you in planning and requesting media technology for your event.

Note:Dependent on the size and duration of your event, we recommend to the event management the provision of assistants, whom we would be happy to instruct for you!

We are happy to help: The ITS-Helpdesk

The solution to your problem was not there yet? Then we will be happy to help you personally. To do this, please contact our ITS-Helpdesk.

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