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Newsflash - Brief information from the ITS

19.10.2022 New video on it security for students


Take 10 minutes of your time for a good & safe start into your studies. We have compiled the most important information on the subject of information security (bt identification, e-mail security, ...) for freshmen.

Under the following link you will find the video (also available in English): https://mms.uni-bayreuth.de/Panopto/Pages/Sessions/List.aspx#folderID=%225fcfd2a7-56ff-4cca-b5e5-af2c012d8562%22

PS. Of course, "older semesters" are also allowed to use the video

20.12.2021 Log4j security vulnerability

Warning about security vulnerability log4j

A critical security vulnerability has been discovered in the widely used Java library log4j. According to the BSI, this leads to an extremely critical threat situation. Both servers and end-user PCs may be affected.

We ask that unused PCs at the University site be switched off over the Christmas holidays.

Further information on affected manufacturers or on how to detect the vulnerability can be found on the website provided by the BSI:


We are continuing to keep an eye on the security situation and will inform you after the Christmas closure if there are any further findings.

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01.12.2021 HP printers

Warning of security vulnerabilities in HP printers

Critical security vulnerabilities have been identified for various models of HP printers. If you have an HP printer in your area, see the following page to find out whether your device is affected:


You can get the latest firmware updates from the official HP website:


20.04.2021 Zoom

Zoom - Server Certificate Exchange

On 21.04.21 at 8:40 am, the certificate of the authentication server https://uni-bayreuth.zoom.us is exchanged. Login to the Zoom profile will not be possible for a few minutes. If you want to start a meeting during this time, log in shortly before. Once you are logged in, the switch will not affect your Zoom meetings.

Attending meetings that do not require Zoom login will not be affected. Updating the Zoom client is also not necessary but is, of course, recommended regularly.

26.03.2021 Zoom

Zoom client: Update to current version requested

Zoom video conferencing solution is constantly being developed and also made more secure. Smaller updates are often released almost weekly. After the initial installation, the locally installed client is not automatically updated until now. Most recently, in the fall of 2020, all users were required to upgrade to Zoom version 5.0.

As of now, the University of Bayreuth account requires at least version 5.6.0 (Win) or 5.5.5 (Mac) to participate in a Zoom meeting. This update will occur immediately prior to a meeting once you log into and start the Zoom client. To avoid possible delays in scheduled meetings, install the latest client and check the client regularly for new updates.


12.03.2021 Information security

Warning against spearphishing

The University of Bayreuth is currently the target of an extensive spearphishing attack. Mails of this kind are really relatively well disguised, the display name is faked, the "real" e-mail address comes from a third-party provider (often gmail.vom). Mails of this type are called "spearphishing" because they are targeted at specific groups of people.

Initial mails of this type currently look like this:

From: Professor Vorname Nachname  [mailto:directord567@gmail.com]

Subject: Available? 

If you have a minute, could you please drop an email.

The email itself is harmless, but the worst is when it turns into a communication and the addressed user agrees to the requested help. You can simply delete this mail, but we ask you to inform and warn the people around you.

An automatic defense is almost not possible because the emails do not contain any machine recognizable risks, it only helps to inform and train the users so that emails of this kind are easily recognized.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the UBT Information Security Officer at its-security@uni-bayreuth.de.

10.11.2020 Office 365

Conversion of the Office 365 licenses

Already in August the licensing of Office 365 was changed. All accounts that were previously created via Studisoft - recognizable by @lizenzunibt.onmicrosoft.com - are no longer valid. The license is tied to the Office 365 account of UBT now (@myubt.de).

You can find further information about the changeover or getting started at https://laps.uni-bayreuth.de/office.

Please note: after confirmation of the declaration of consent, you can log in with your bt-Kennung@myubt.de (e.g. bt123456@myubt.de) in about 1-2 hours to the Microsoft portal (https://portal.office.com). However, the complete activation of all services can take up to 24 hours after the activation of your Microsoft 365 account. 

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