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You have the questions - we will have the answers!

The IT-Jour-Fixe offers a general overview and insight into our services. Special training courses, consultation hours on the subject ”digitalization of teaching” or courses with the aim of certification complete our offer. Come by we look forward to your participation!


With our Jour-Fixe events we would like to inform all IT stakeholders and in particular support the IT-persons in charge in their tasks. In the summer semester will be presented a wide range of topics, current developments and new services on in the multimedia and videoconferencing room (, NW II) on Tuesdays from 13.00 o’clock. You can get the lecture notes for the current subjects as a download in our Intranet. This lectures are given in German.

And the most important: Asking questions during our IT-Jour-Fixes will be welcome!

Topics 2017Einklappen
  • 25.04.2017 Outlook-training (Repetition of WS 2016/17)
    Ingo Gröger, Horst David, Dr. Ronald Schönheiter
  • 09.05.2017 Network access
    Dr. Ulrich Trapper, Dr. Ronald Schönheiter
    Network access at workplace, eduroam (WIFI), VPN-access
  • 16.05.2017 "HIS": Financial and materialmanagement (FMM)
    Irena Bielowski, Dr. Thomas Schoberth
  • 23.05.2017 IT-Security
    Dr. Heidrun Benda
  • 30.05.2017 Media technology, event support, recording
    Andreas Brütting, Dirk Schädlich, Dominik Schramm
  • 20.06.2017 New in hard and softwareprocurement
    Jürgen Sturm, Wolfgang Kießling
  • 27.06.2017 Backup, File-Service
    Tom Rüger, Dr. Bernhard Winkler
  • 04.07.2017 Printing
    Horst David
    Printing house, Webinterface, WIFI-printing
  • 11.07.2017 ITS-Selfservice portal
    Heinrich Ney, Dr. Thomas Schoberth
  • 25.07.2017 Outlook-training (Repetition of WS 2016/17)
    Ingo Gröger, Horst David, Dr. Ronald Schönheiter
Themen 2016Einklappen
  • 07.06.2016 Network access
    Dr. Ulrich Trapper
    Network access at workplace, eduroam (WIFI), Special case: conferences
  • 21.06.2016 ITS-Selfservice portal
    Dr. Thomas Schoberth & Heinrich Ney
    The portal with the main focus "Rights management"
  • 05.07.2016 Event support and digitalitzation of teaching
    Dirk Schädlich und Dominik Schramm
    Multimedia and digitalization of teaching, skill center of college teaching (FBZHL)
  • 12.07.2016 "HIS": Financial and materialmanagement (FMM)
    Dr. Thomas Schoberth, Irena Bielowski
    together with the section II of the management (household)


If you would like to be informed regularly about the latest developments and news from the IT service center just subscribe our Newsletter! Several times a year you’ll receive important information and news about electronic data processing and IT at the University of Bayreuth by e-mail. Past editions can be found under publications.

Employees and students of the University of Bayreuth can log in and log out in the Self-service portal.

External readers can register by itself with our list-

Digital resources in teaching: Workshop of input and ideas

This series of events is organized with the skill center of college teaching (FBZHL). You can get there useful concepts accompanies you in the implementation of your ideas and allows the exchange of experiences around the teaching with digital resources. There are competent contacts available for the relevant topics. Starting with a short information to interesting and current subjects there is much time for discussions where you can talk about your ideas for application. This year the focus will be on digital solutions for communication with students, digital quizzes and survey methods as well as digital methods of collaborative learning. Further information and the current topic can be found in the e-Learning-course for this event.


  • 28th Mar. 2017
  • 31st May 2017
  • 11th October 2017
  • 6th December 2017

All meetings are in the multimedia- and videoconference room (, NW II) between 14:00 and 15:00. Every event can be visited without a preregistration.

Contact persons


Digitalization of teaching: Workshop of input and ideas (Flyer, pdf)

Research Data Management

The University of Bayreuth promotes the Research Data Management (RDM) to underpin the excellence and integrity of its research. There you can get information for the scientific handling of your research data. You will also find an overview of support and consulting services at the UBT for a good RDM.

CMS-Support - training appointments

Before using the CMS we offer an introductory training course. Maximum number of participants is 12 persons. The training courses are held monthly on Mondays between 9:00 and 11:30 in the PC pool building FAN A (room 0.20). The current dates are published on our homepage as well as under internet and E-Mail.

Interested parties please register by E-Mail to: cms@uni-bayreuth.de. Please also specify the desired date as well as chair/ professorship and contact details for possible questions. For more information about the CMS of the University of Bayreuth just visit internet and E-Mail.

Networking Academy

With the “computer networks” series we offer the preparation for CCNA certification. Everyone especially students, graduates and IT staff who are interested in computer networks may take part in the chairs.

For questions about the event, the content and the certification please contact Dr. Johannes Förster.

Learning contentsEinklappen

The three-semester lecture on "Computer Networks" provides advanced knowledge of installing, configuration and troubleshooting from small to medium-sized computer networks. Beside the theory the practical implementation of what has been learned, as well as the preparation of the exam by learning target control questions and repetition units play an important role.

Qualification targetEinklappen

The CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is the basic level of the called Cisco Certificates. With the proof of hard skills in the network area further specializations and certifications in the network area - independent of Cisco – are possible.

Duration, expiration and creditsEinklappen

3 semester with 2 SWS (Lecture units + internship blocks in the network lab). The current dates will be published on the Elearning-Server.

  • Use of the e-Learning-Plattform and other tools
  • Exam (practical and theoretical part) at the end of each semester
  • per semester the certificate of the cisco networking academy can be purchased

If you study the bachelor “computer sciences” or the master “computer sciences” following the exam regulations of 2012 you can get credit points. For other subjects of study please inquire with your faculty director about credit possibilities for your study program.

The CCNA-exam (CCNA R&S = Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching) may be purchased at the end of Part 3 in an external test center, e.g. in Nuremberg.


More information can be found at the Cisco Networking Academy.

We are happy to help: The ITS-Helpdesk

The solution to your problem was not there yet? Then we will be happy to help you personally. To do this, please contact our ITS-Helpdesk.

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