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Without an internet access nothing works today! That's also our opinion.

Therefore it’s a big request for us that you can work quickly – whether as a student or as an employee.

Network access on campus via wireless lan (eduroam)Einklappen

Eduroam (education roaming) allows all members of a university and members of participating institutions wireless Internet access (encrypted) on the one hand at the home institution, on the other hand internationally when visiting another participating institution.

Within the University of Bayreuth connect to the WLAN network eduroam 

PDF-Instructions for the setup

Network access at the workplace (LAN)Einklappen

In order to connect a network-capable device (computer, printer, laptop ...) to the wired network infrastructure of the University of Bayreuth (= LAN, Local Area Network) each device requires an individual IP address assigned by the IT service center.

The Procedure:

  • Please submit within the UBT network a network application for your device to be connected.
  • You still need accessories such as LAN-cable, mouse or keyboard? Feel free to visit our ITS-Materials.
  • The one-time setup of the device: If we are to set up the device or if you have any questions please contact the ITS-Helpdesk to make an appointment!
Network access in the lecture rooms (LAN)Einklappen

In the lecture halls and seminar rooms there is a network socket in the media control area, which can be used to connect to the campus network via cable. Access to the network is established via the VPN client. 

The VPN client

After authentication, you can download the required VPN client software from our intranet under "Softwarebeschaffung – VPN client" – please observe the guidelines. Furthermore, you need your personal credentials to use the software.

Settings VPN client:

  • Server: vpn-server.uni-bayreuth.de
  • Profile: campus

Note: It is not necessary to set up a proxy within the campus network.

Network access in the libraries (LAN)Einklappen

The VPN client is required to access the campus network via the network sockets available in the libraries. Therefore the profile campus must be selected. 

The VPN client

After authentication, you can download the required VPN client software​ from our intranet under "Softwarebeschaffung – VPN client" – please observe the guidelines. Furthermore, you need your personal credentials to use the software.

Settings VPN client:

  • Server: vpn-server.uni-bayreuth.de
  • Profile: campus

Note: It is not necessary to set up a proxy to use the online services of the library on campus.

Access from outside: Access via VPN and ProxyEinklappen

You can access the e-learning platform, Panopto Server, MyFiles or MS Exchange without connecting via VPN. This is also not recommended. 

A VPN connection is also no longer required for literature research, as the demand from home is extremely high. It is sufficient to simply set the UBT proxy in the browser, e.g.: via the proxy add-on for Firefox. In order to meet legal requirements, e.g. for library services, the personal credentials (btxxxxxx) are requested in the browser at the beginning of surfing after the proxy activation.

All members of the university can connect to the campus network via Internet Access + VPN-Client - conveniently from the computer at home or abroad. So you are virtually entering our network via an existing internet connection as if you were here in person. Often this feature is used conjunction with our Proxy e.g. for researching websites that would otherwise grant access only if you are inside the university.

The VPN-Client

You can download the required VPN-Client-Software after authentication on our intranet (german) under "Softwarebeschaffung – VPN-Client" - please note the guidelines. Furthermore you need to use a valid personal user ID and password.

Settings VPN client:

  • Server: vpn-server.uni-bayreuth.de
  • Profile: outside

    If you are browsing with smartphones and other mobile devices you need the Cisco Anyconnect-Client from the App Store for outside VPN-Access.

    The Proxy

    If you are using Mozilla Firefox you can install the "UniBT Proxy" Addon which allows you to switch the proxy on and off at the touch of a button. 

    • http://www.uni-bayreuth.de/proxy.pac

    You can indepently check both the VPN connection and the Proxy settings: http://proxycheck.uni-bayreuth.de

    Access for guests (@BayernWLAN)Einklappen

    Guests and conference participants can use the @BayernWLAN without prior registration. The operation is ensured by Vodafone on behalf of the Free State of Bavaria and is also broadcast on all WLAN access points within the university parallel to eduroam. Please note that the connection to the Wi-Fi hotspots is unencrypted:

    • Connect to @BayernWLAN (SSID)
    • Open any http-page (NOT https!) in the browser (if not automatically)
    • Accept user agreement and click on "Connect".

    You can find more information at the Frequently Asked Questions of the Vodafone-Forum:

    Who do I contact if I have problems with BayernWLAN-Hotspots?
    Please use the special hotline 0800 6648386 of Vodafone or the forum of the Vodafone Community.
    The IT-Service Centre doesn't provide support for @BayernWLAN.

    Note: With the use of @BayernWLAN you aren't in the network of the university. Therefore some services (e.g. access to licensed online magazines) aren't available!

    E-Mail-Addresses of the University

    Students and employees receive e-mail addresses from the university. The mailbox can be accessed with the personal user identification via browser or e-mail software. You will receive this identification automatically at the matriculation or the recruitment as employee.

    Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync)

    Standardly every employee and every student (since August 2016) has an account created on the Exchange Server. This allows you to take all advantages of the Exchange service in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook or another email program which supports ActiveSync.


    Installation and use the Microsoft Exchange Service
    Login to the Exchange Server is done with your user ID and password. To set up your account in Outlook enter userid@myubt.de as username/e-mail.

    For changes to your personal Spam, White or Blacklist-settings please log in to the Anti-Spam-Portal https://mailapp.myubt.de with your user-ID.

    Smartphones and programs with ActiveSync (Exchange) support which don’t have the function autodiscover such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple iPhone will be asked for more information. We give you a short overview here.

    • Server address: https://mail.myubt.de
    • Domain: myubt.de
    • Username: User-ID@myubt.de or myubt\User-ID


    • ​The Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Outlook for Android apps aren’t supported and actively blocked because of privacy violations (storing the user ID and password on third country servers). Please use the native email app on your smartphone.
    • The E-Mail dispatch which is larger than 30MB including the attached files won't be supported. Split the attachment to multiple E-Mails or use our service MyFiles or GigaMove.

    If employees want to retrieve their email via the IMAP protocol, this function must be enabled individually on the Exchange Server. The full functionality of Exchange can only be used when using the ActivSync protocol. To do this, please contact the ITS-Helpdesk (telephone: 0921 / 55-3003 or its-beratung@uni-bayreuth.de).


    In addition to the e-mail addresses firstname.surname@uni-bayreuth.de and userid@uni-bayreuth.de, anyone in the ITS portal can enter one more e-mail alias. Of course the new e-mail addresses may not yet be assigned and must furthermore have their own surname as a component.

    Mailing lists – ListServEinklappen

    The IT-Servicecenter provides a listserver for sending mass mails to large E-Mail distributors.


    The establishment of a list is requested through the ITS-Helpdesk with the following form. You can choose from three different list types: private, moderated, open.

    • private: Entry and discharge of E-Mail addresses as well as the e-mail dispatch are only carried out by the list owner.
    • moderated: Entry and discharge of e-mail addresses as well as the e-mail dispatch to the list take place only after approval of the list owner.
    • open: E-Mail addresses can be freely entered and removed, e-mails are distributed unfiltered.

    List management

    The list is managed by the list owner under the category "List Management". There you can add a description, e-mail addresses or change the access control.

    Entry and discharge in lists

    The entry and discharge of addresses into open or moderated lists is carried out by the respective user either directly on the list server under "Subscriber's Corner" or via a message to listserv@listserv.uni-bayreuth.de with the content "subscribe listname" or "unsubscribe listname".

    Mail delivery

    E-mailing to the addresses entered in the list is carried out by an email to listenname@listserv.uni-bayreuth.de.

    Using Listserv

    Lifetime e-mail redirection for former employeesEinklappen

    You are no longer working at the university but you still want to receive your e-mails? Then request for lifetime e-mail redirection. What you need to do: Log in to the ITS portal of the IT Service Center within 92 days of the end of your employment. Enter a private e-mail address here and agree to the redirection. Only after the period mentioned above this "lifetime" redirection is active. You can change the registered e-mail address at any time in the ITS portal and will be asked per E-Mail to update your data.

    Please note: This service is a pure redirection. Sending E-Mails is not possible.

    Personal user certificate request (GÉANT TCS)Einklappen

    The ITS can issue advanced digital certificates of the TCS (Trusted Certificate Service) for you. 
    TCS is a PKI service that DFN-Association obtains from GÉANT. GÉANT realizes the service with the help of external providers, which are found through regular tenders. The current provider is Sectigo.

    You can use these certificate to digitally sign e-mails.

    These certificate are not suitable for signing documents.

    Instructions on how to register for the certificate and how to integrate it into mail programs can be found on the "Laptopsprechstunde" pages under the respective instructions for the mail programs.

    Instructions are available for:

    Apple Mail/macOS

    It is currently not possible to request user certificates for group IDs (bt4..); the process is currently under development.


    Setup and edit web pages - CMS service

    Your own homepage is just as important as a business card. With your help you will inform about your courses offered, own research, project processes, and so on. We would like to support you by setting up homepage-templates in our Content-Management-System “Fiona”, we also offer training courses. If you want to login to the CMS, please use this link:

    Support questionsEinklappen

    For support requests please contact us by E-Mail at cms@uni-bayreuth.de. In order to provide you with the best possible support please note the following:

    • Please tell us in each email the exact path in the CMS which is your problem. This also applies to the case when we have already communicated frequently on this topic.
    • Please enter a contact address under each e-mail: E-Mail + Telephone + Name Contact person. Sometimes it is necessary for us to reach you in case of queries. This is usually faster by phone.
    • Please avoid abbreviations and terms that are obviously to you but not for others
    • Please try to describe the problem as accurately and understandably as possible. Please indicate what the problem is and when and where and in which circumstances it occurs. Please also keep in mind that we don’t have your (chair-) background information.
    User identification and writing permissionsEinklappen

    In order for you or your employees to have access and writing permissions in the CMS your personal user ID must be activated. Please note the following:

    • Most identifiers are automatically assigned to a chair/ work area and already have the necessary access rights in the CMS. If an identifier is to be additionally enabled you must do this yourself in the ITS-Self-service portal. Log in there and go to "Edit organizations". Note that you must confirm each step with "save" or leave with "cancel". The back button of the browser is ineffective here.
    • In a few exceptional cases (for example, higher-level admin groups) the activation must be done via us. Please send us a request via e-mail with the corresponding user ID and the specification for which area in the CMS the activation should take place.
    Contact personsEinklappen
    • Oliver Gschwender M.A., MMD
      Head of CMS-Support

    E-Mail: oliver.gschwender@uni-bayreuth.de
    Phone: 0921 55 3146
    Building: NW II Bauteil 3.2 Raum 3.2 U1 170
    Contactable: Monday-Wednesday and Friday

    • Markus Barnick

    E-Mail: markus.barnick@uni-bayreuth.de
    Phone: 0921 55 3230
    Building: NW II Bauteil 3.2 Raum 3.2 U1 170

    Training appointmentsEinklappen

    Before using the CMS we offer an introductory training event. The monthly appointments are published on our start page. If you are interested in one of the events please contact us by e-mail: oliver.gschwender@uni-bayreuth.de.

    Teaching materials and further linksEinklappen

    CMS Documentation

    User forum

    An internet forum has been set up to allow users and administrators to share experiences with the CMS. There you will find some solutions to various questions. The registration with their user ID is possible: https://cms.uni-bayreuth.de/phpBB3/index.php


    Via the CMS newsletter you will receive information about planned maintenance work, system failures and general information about the content management system at the University of Bayreuth via e-mail. We therefore recommend that all CMS editors sign up for this newsletter.
    Continue to the registration page for the CMS-Newsletter

    We are happy to help: The ITS-Helpdesk

    The solution to your problem was not there yet? Then we will be happy to help you personally. To do this, please contact our ITS-Helpdesk.

    Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Oliver Gschwender