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Newsflash - Brief information from the ITS

20.04.2021 Zoom

Zoom - Server Certificate Exchange

On 21.04.21 at 8:40 am, the certificate of the authentication server https://uni-bayreuth.zoom.us is exchanged. Login to the Zoom profile will not be possible for a few minutes. If you want to start a meeting during this time, log in shortly before. Once you are logged in, the switch will not affect your Zoom meetings.

Attending meetings that do not require Zoom login will not be affected. Updating the Zoom client is also not necessary but is, of course, recommended regularly.

26.03.2021 Zoom

Zoom client: Update to current version requested

Zoom video conferencing solution is constantly being developed and also made more secure. Smaller updates are often released almost weekly. After the initial installation, the locally installed client is not automatically updated until now. Most recently, in the fall of 2020, all users were required to upgrade to Zoom version 5.0.

As of now, the University of Bayreuth account requires at least version 5.6.0 (Win) or 5.5.5 (Mac) to participate in a Zoom meeting. This update will occur immediately prior to a meeting once you log into and start the Zoom client. To avoid possible delays in scheduled meetings, install the latest client and check the client regularly for new updates.


12.03.2021 Information security

Warning against spearphishing

The University of Bayreuth is currently the target of an extensive spearphishing attack. Mails of this kind are really relatively well disguised, the display name is faked, the "real" e-mail address comes from a third-party provider (often gmail.vom). Mails of this type are called "spearphishing" because they are targeted at specific groups of people.

Initial mails of this type currently look like this:

From: Professor Vorname Nachname  [mailto:directord567@gmail.com]

Subject: Available? 

If you have a minute, could you please drop an email.

The email itself is harmless, but the worst is when it turns into a communication and the addressed user agrees to the requested help. You can simply delete this mail, but we ask you to inform and warn the people around you.

An automatic defense is almost not possible because the emails do not contain any machine recognizable risks, it only helps to inform and train the users so that emails of this kind are easily recognized.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the UBT Information Security Officer at its-security@uni-bayreuth.de.

10.11.2020 Office 365

Conversion of the Office 365 licenses

Already in August the licensing of Office 365 was changed. All accounts that were previously created via Studisoft - recognizable by @lizenzunibt.onmicrosoft.com - are no longer valid. The license is tied to the Office 365 account of UBT now (@myubt.de).

You can find further information about the changeover or getting started at https://laps.uni-bayreuth.de/office.

Please note: after confirmation of the declaration of consent, you can log in with your bt-Kennung@myubt.de (e.g. bt123456@myubt.de) in about 1-2 hours to the Microsoft portal (https://portal.office.com). However, the complete activation of all services can take up to 24 hours after the activation of your Microsoft 365 account. 

08.10.2020 Technical scenarios for hybrid teaching

Hybrid Teaching on Campus 

Various scenarios (recording and video conferencing) are available for the on-site lectures as part of hybrid teaching. In the lecture halls with a control room – Audimax, H15, H18, and H24 – the support of the IT service center is necessary.

It is expected that up to 40 lecture series (2 SWS) per lecture week can be covered. Requests for a director's stream must therefore be submitted to mms@uni-bayreuth.de by 16.10., stating the expected number of online participants. 

21.07.2020 Zoom – Failure during login

Change of the zoom profiles

Since a few days the authentication process via SingleSignOn (SSO) is disturbed. During the login via https://uni-bayreuth.zoom.us one of the stored e-mail addresses is randomly transferred to Zoom and a new, empty profile is created. Since the Zoom profiles are uniquely linked to the e-mail address, it is no longer possible to access the meetings already scheduled. 

The solution is that from this afternoon on, only your e-mail address is transferred in the form bt123456@uni-bayreuth.de as a Sign-In Email (Anmelde E-Mail). This immediately means that everyone who has planned meetings and whose previous profile uses a different e-mail alias, for example vorname.nachname@uni-bayreuth.de, will have to contact zoom@uni-bayreuth.de after the changeover. We will then transfer the scheduled meetings from the old profile to the new one. The meeting IDs and invitation links remain the same. Please check the personal settings (e.g. chat, whiteboard, co-host, etc.) in the new profile and adjust them to your needs. 

In your request to zoom@uni-bayreuth.de, please specify, if possible, your previous and the new Sign-In Email (Anmelde E-Mail) for merging the profiles.

02.10.2020 e-Learning Update to Moodle 3.9

New look: e-Learning of the University of Bayreuth 

The e-learning systems of the University of Bayreuth had been in need of an update for quite some time. Originally planned in spring, the version change was postponed to autumn due to corona. The first update work has been completed so far, so that the maintenance mode can be deactivated for now and thus the login to Panopto works again.

We will continue to work on the server in the background, so there may still be some short interruptions. In parallel, the second platform (elearning-extern.uni-bayreuth.de) will also receive the update and will return to production mode tomorrow during the course of the day.

09.07.2020 Microsoft 365 and MS Teams

MS Teams has been deployed!

As announced in the last ITS Newsletter, Microsoft 365 is now available to all students and employees. Microsoft 365 includes the following services:

  • Teams (video conferences, chats, files, ...)
  • OneNote
  • OneDrive with 1 TB of cloud storage
  • Office Apps Online (Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online)

The further procedure for registration and use can be found on our website:


Please note the data policy. Microsoft 365 is a pure cloud service. All data is stored in the cloud on Microsoft servers.

07.07.2020 e-Learning Lasttest

We need your help!

Dear students,
In order to be able to guarantee a smooth flow of "Take-Home Exams" at the end of this semester, we need your help.

This Thursday, 09.07.2020, at 11:00 a.m. we want to do a load test under real conditions with you. We want to check the behaviour and stability of the e-learning platform when delivering a large amount of files in a short time. In the test, 500 students who have enrolled in a Moodle course in advance are supposed to download a file and then upload it again using the "Aufgabe (Task)" activity.

Procedure of the test:

  • It is now possible to enrol in the following e-learning course:
    https://www.its.uni-bayreuth.de/lasttest. The registration is limited to 525 participants.
  • On 09.07.2020 at 11:00 am the task "Lasttest" will open in the course. It will remain open for 5 minutes. During this time we ask you to download the file "Testdatei.pdf" provided in the task and then upload it again.
  • We also have an explanatory video for those who are not familiar with the activity "Aufgabe (Task)":
  • This completes the test from your side. If you encounter problems during the upload, please report them to elearning@uni-bayreuth.de.

What do you get out of it?

As a thank you for your support we raffle off five USB 3.0 sticks with 32GB memory from our ITS Shop among all participants. Eligible to participate in the lottery are all those who have uploaded a file in time!

Your e-Learning Team

05.06.2020 Malware

Currently many phishing e-mails in circulation

Recently, many phishing mails have again been reported to the ITS. Unfortunately, the attackers were successful in some cases and have been able to take over various mail accounts. These were blocked immediately. To prevent this from happening to you, please be vigilant and, if in doubt, ask the ITS Helpdesk!

We publish known and reported Malware or Phishing emails on our homepage under Aktuelle Malwarewarnungen (Current Malware Warnings).

How to recognize Phishing or Malware e-mails

You recognize attack emails 

  • at the incorrect email address
  • in the non-personal salutation
  • sometimes at the "bumpy" German
  • the missing contact details for a telephone enquiry
  • most obvious: the link goes to obscure pages, i.e. if you move the mouse pointer over the link (don't click, just put the mouse pointer on the link), a white box appears with a text where the link actually leads to.

If you have entered your access data on the linked pages, then your account is hacked.

  • Please change your password immediately on Campus Online or the ITS portal.
  • Please also inform the ITS Helpdesk (its-beratung@uni-bayreuth.de, 0921 55 3003) so that we can take further action.

21.04.2020 Panopto Videos

Access to learning videos on Panopto 

Dear students,
We are very pleased that many of you already want to access the videos in eLearning. Very important: When registering for an e-learning course for the first time, the videos need a moment until they are completely loaded into the course from Panopto. We ask you not to send authorization requests to the teachers if you click on a video that has not yet been loaded. 

Please consider the following steps:

  1. Please do not send authorization requests for videos! 
  2. The Panopto block where you find the videos must load for a few seconds after initial registration in the e-Learning course - please wait that long.
  3. If the videos do not load, please refresh the page in your browser.  
  4. If this does not help several times, please try another browser.  
  5. If another browser does not help, please try again in a few hours.
  6. If still nothing helps, THEN please contact elearning@uni-bayreuth.de 

21.04.2020 Zoom Meetings

Licensed Zoom Accounts

Please do not register directly with Zoom.com in advance. In many cases this will lead to duplicate profiles. You will automatically receive a license when you log in with your personal identification (bt123456) and password via our authentication service. This will then activate the licensed zoom profile. 

Simply click "Login" on​ https://uni-bayreuth.zoom.us.

If you have any problems with the registration please contact zoom@uni-bayreuth.de stating your zoom profile or personal identification (bt123456).

17.04.2020  Test licenses with extended runtime

Access to software for students

Various software manufacturers currently offer students test or special versions with extended time to use to cover short-term needs. We hoped that it will then be possible again to purchase software for students via the IT Service Center.

Further software can be found in the section Software zur privaten Nutzung (Software for private use).

17.04.2020 Course software 

Kurs-Software from the PC pools

Most of the software on the computers in the PC pools is open source and can be downloaded free of charge from the corresponding developer pages. For licensing reasons, the IT Service Centre cannot generally make commercial software available elsewhere. Exceptions are

  • STATA (Kurs-Software RW) as well as
  • CorelDraw and Corel Photo-Paint (Kurs-Software GEO),

which can be provided via a streaming server exclusively for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (64bit) for students with the corresponding course software activation:

This and other helpful information and tools for digital learning can be found at the start of the semester on the central websites under Studium > Digitales Lernen: Online-Tools für Studierende.

25.03.2020 Library services and VPN

Changes in library research with VPN and proxy

To further relieve the VPN service, it will no longer be necessary to activate the VPN client for external library searches from tomorrow, March 26, 2020. It is sufficient if the proxy addon is activated in the Firefox browser.

All library services should then be usable as with VPN Client. If you encounter any problems, please let us know the journal and publisher, or better send us the link in your e-mail.

Here's a tip on how to avoid using the VPN Client altogether:

If you switch from Mail Classic to Exchange, no VPN client is required for sending e-mails. For occasional access to documents in the central storage area, you can use web access via MyFiles or the Filr Desktop Client.

25.03.2020 SPSS licenses for students

Extended trial license of SPSS for students

The LRZ Munich has received an extended test phase of SPSS for the student use of SPSS at IBM for the corona time, which can be used by all students.

The version downloadable from IBM is now running in the test phase until June 15, 2020 - this should overcome a first bottleneck.

Read more on the Leibniz Rechenzentrum website

23.03.2020  VPN and home office

When is the VPN Client needed?

The VPN Client is only needed in a few cases

  • for sending emails via Mail Classic (SMTP mailhub-out.uni-bayreuth.de)
  • direct use of the network drives and
  • when doing research in some library services.

The VPN client is not necessary for the use of e-Learning, Panopto and Microsoft Exchange and should not be activated for these. Since the maximum number of VPN connections and the bandwidth is limited, the ITS asks you to use the VPN client only if it is absolutely necessary!

We are happy to help: The ITS-Helpdesk

The solution to your problem was not there yet? Then we will be happy to help you personally. To do this, please contact our ITS-Helpdesk.

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